Glitter nails

The state of your nails often displays the state of your health. Having strong, shiny, long nails is a sign of good health and femininity. Now we know that most nail polishes do their job of making nails shiner but at what cost? Containing a plethora of harmful chemicals and acting as a barrier preventing oxygen from penetrating your nails, the result is none other than damaged, chipped nails.

Give your nails a chance to breathe and delve in some natural ways to make your nails shine!

Shine Your Nails at Home

Here are a few home remedies for you to try on your nails so you can enjoy clean, glossy nails at home instead of spending money at salons!

  1. Lukewarm Soak

Give your nails a relaxing soak in some lukewarm water, not only does it help in making them shiny but it also removes those pesky nail polish stains! And while you’re at it mix in some natural moisturizing soap and scrub away any dead skin cells and dirt with a nail brush for neat and tidy, healthy nails.

  • Petroleum Jelly

The most versatile product available in the market, here to solve almost any problem, petroleum jelly goes a long way. Regularly apply some petroleum jelly onto your nails after showering and before going to sleep, the moisture in the jelly protects your nails and makes them look healthy and bright!

  • Coconut Oil
coconut oil for nails

Another multi-purpose essential oil that can be used for your hair, skin, and nails. Gently rub some coconut oil, rich in healthy fats and nutrients on your nails to make them gleam! Coconut oil is also great for preventing fungal infections from occurring.

  • Lemon Juice

Soak your nails in some lemon juice and rinse them with lukewarm water to thoroughly get rid of any dirt, dust, and chemical pollution. If you regularly apply nail polishes and are currently suffering from yellow or discolored nails, lemon juice is the best solution for you. But remember to only soak your nails once a week!

  • Baby Oil

Not only beneficial for babies, baby oils usually contain natural ingredients that mean they aren’t full of other preservatives and chemicals. For those whose nails tend to get drier or are exposed to water repeatedly should actively pursue massaging baby oil onto their nails. This oil helps to lock in moisture and prevents dry and brittle nails

  • Nail Buffers

A must-have for polishing your nails and making them glossy. A nail buffer is a simple tool you rub on the top of your nails only once a month to remove any finer grit that has settled on the surface. The results of using a buffer are astonishing but remember everything is to be done in moderation!

Some Extra Tips to Remember!

  • If you want to maintain your shiny nails, it is advised you steer clear of acetone-based nail polishes because they do a substantial amount of damage.
  • Although it may be uncomfortable, always wear gloves while doing household chores and other work. The chemicals in cleaning agents can wear your protective layers down and cause dry, brittle, chipped nails.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet can also do wonders for your nails. Regular consumption of Biotin, Zinc, and Vitamin E can help make your nails strong, shiny, and healthy.