Colors palettes for beautiful nails in 2020

nail color palettes

Never underestimate the strength of nail polish! This may sound like a strange appeal, but there is a lot of truth behind it. Because even if painted nails only occupy a minimal part of our body, they can change an entire look. On top of that, colorful nail polish puts you in a good mood and can therefore also increase our self-confidence.

Especially in summer, we love to play with a wide variety of nail polish nuances and sometimes dare to use brighter colors. Instead of wintery nude tones or dark lacquers such as black and Bordeaux red, we now choose yellow, coral red, or light blue.

The trend colors then not only adorn our hands but also our feet. Because thanks to sandals and the like, our toenails are also the focus of attention in the warm season.

Who sets the trends

As you can find on it is all the more important to find the right trend nail polishes for the summer. How lucky you are we have already done this for you. Some beauty trend comes from the cooperation between the fashion label Ivy & Oak and the beauty brand Gitti.

The latter has set itself the goal of fundamentally changing the nail polish industry. Founder Jenni haggled on a natural recipe that is water-based and vegan and odorless. In addition, vitamins C and E and provitamin B5 with their moisturizing and antioxidant properties ensure healthy and beautiful nails.

Nail polishes perfect for summer 2020

red nail polish

Based on the current summer collection from Ivy & Oak, there are now three Gitti nail polishes that are simply perfect for summer 2020. The beauty trend is a strong orange-red (“Mandarin Orange”) warm light brown (“toffee”) and bright, cool pink (“super pink”). What all three colors have in common is that they look great on both the fingernails and toenails. In addition, they flatter all skin types, whereby they come into their own in combination with a slightly tanned summer glow.

On top of that, we can style the nail polish colors to all sorts of summer fashion trends: we wear super pink with the floral midi skirt, the white lace dress gets a bright highlight with mandarin orange and the summer shorts made of linen harmonize perfectly with the toffee tone.

It’s best to combine the summery beauty trend with the matching top & base coat. So the colors still look fresh after the next trip to the lake.

Take care of the polish

Important: After applying the Gitti nail polishes, you should avoid contact with hot water for four hours and rather wash your hands with cold water. Also, don’t shake the water-based nail polishes to avoid creating small air bubbles.